Maybe it’s time to dust off a few things …

Maybe it’s time to dust off a few things …

Just dropping in quickly to say that I have to go on a hiatus.

You could probably tell with my incredibly on-and-off posting that I’m not exactly doing well and stable right now. I hate to play that card, but yeah, I got plenty of private stuff to wade through at the moment. Whenever I think I got it under control, something else comes along - And I’m far from strong enough to handle everything I want to do at once.

You folks are fantastic for sticking with me, some really freaking long, even. Heck, this blog is over a year old! Imagine that. And I haven’t even done nearly as much with it as I wanted.

I’ll be back, that’s for sure. I love doing this way too much to just drop out. Once I’m finally on a good level life-wise, I will be back.

I’m very sorry if I’m a disappointment to ya. Maybe I’ll see some familiar faces around when I’m back, anyway.

Take care, okay?